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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

529 for Mira and webcast link for memorial

Dear friends,

a quick update on two items people have been inquiring about:

The link for the live stream for the Memorial on Friday 2/17 from 6-8PM is

The first 15 minutes of the event will allow people to mingle, get some food and find their seats. We plan to start the webcast between 6:10 and 6:15, and the actual program by 6:20. This allows people who want to view the event live but from a distance to tune in without having to worry that they miss the start. The live stream will also be archived, so that we can make a DVD for us as a keepsake. From what I understand there will also be access to the live stream somewhere online for the next few days after the event, so that people who missed it can still watch it. I will post another link here in case it is different from the live links above.

Another issue is that of donations. While I am happy if people make a donation to their favorite charity in honor of Radhika, some people have asked to be able to do something that helps us directly. For this purpose I have set up a 529 College savings plan for Mira. There were many options, but in the end I opted for the Socially responsible portfolio from the California plan that is run by TIAA CREF. To make a donation you can write a check (there is no minimum) out to

Scholar Share College Savings Plan

and put the account number


in the FOR line on the check (the - needs to be there!)

There will be a collection box for checks at the memorial on Friday or you can mail your check directly to:

ScholarShare College Savings Plan
PO Box 55205
Boston, MA 02205-5205

Another option is to use this information with the bill paying system of your bank.

I want to conclude this blog entry by sharing two pictures with you. The first one should have really gone with my last blog entry, because it shows Ruth and me just after we got back from spreading Radhika's ashes. The second is one of my favorites. Radhika took it of herself while she was in College in India, and you can consider this as a preview of the pictures of Radhika you will see at the event.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Radhika was so beautiful. I'm so happy to hear about your day immersing the ashes and how meaningful it was for you. I know that Radhika is transitioning well and is going to be joyously awaiting us all getting together to celebrate her life. She changed all our lives, especially in this last year. I discovered strengths that I would never have discovered if I had not had the opportunity to encounter the valiant, radiant, Radhika. Love to you and Mira. See you Friday.

  2. Radhika was breathtaking. Thank you for posting both of these pictures, Andre. And thank you for the information on Mira's fund too. Alyssa

  3. I came across this blog looking for Susan's direct number at Cedars. I too was a patient of Dr. Forscher. Your wife's story absolutely moved me to tears. And I've never even met either of you. Thank you for blogging her journey. It's going to follow me for the rest of my life.

    Wendy Solorio